bookmark_borderThe Fight against Infection and Pain: Devil’s Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens) a Rich Source of Anti-Inflammatory Activity



The body of evidence has shown that Devil’s claw plants are
richly endowed with anti-cholesterolemic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and pain killing
effects for the therapeutic treatment of countless diseases including rheumatoid arthritis,
memory loss, lower back pain, osteoarthritis, lumbago, Syphilis, diabetes, indigestion,
and heartburn, as well as acting as a detoxifying and tonic agent.

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bookmark_borderGriechischer Bergtee (Sideritis scardica) antidepressiv, gastroprotektiv und entzündungshemmend

Im letzen  Naturarzt findet sich ein Artikel zu griechischem Bergtee. Neben seiner antidepressiven, gastroprotektiven und entzündungshemmenden Wirkung soll er nach neuesten Studien auch bei neurodegenerativen Erkrankungen wirken.

Eine Übersicht findet sich hier: phytodoc

Griechischer Bergtee


bookmark_borderMushroom consumption may lower risk of depression



“Mushrooms are the highest dietary source of the amino acid ergothioneine -; an anti-inflammatory which cannot be synthesized by humans. Having high levels of this may lower the risk of oxidative stress, which could also reduce the symptoms of depression.”

zu Ergothionein und Champignons siehe auch:

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