bookmark_borderBaicalein in the Prevention and Treatment of Human Diseases



More and more research teams all over the world also confirm its high anticancer potential. Moreover, it was demonstrated that baicalein is beneficial in the treatment of metabolic diseases, e.g., diabetes, cardiovascular diseases (such as hypertension), and respiratory diseases, including allergic and asthmatic ones. There is some evidence that baicalein may help in the treatment of nervous system disorders, including neurological diseases […].



bookmark_borderNatural Herbal Non-Opioid Topical Pain Relievers



The active compound of lavender essential oil, linalool, has been found to be responsible for the reduction of mechanical hyperalgesia in conditions of chronic inflammatory and neuropathic pain via modulation of peripheral and central opioid and cannabinoid 2 receptors.

Lavender oil was more effective than ibuprofen in stress-related disorders.

Based on the pain severity after one week of the intervention, aromatherapy massage with lavender essential oil could relieve pain in patients  with knee osteoarthritis.

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