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The active compound of lavender essential oil, linalool, has been found to be responsible for the reduction of mechanical hyperalgesia in conditions of chronic inflammatory and neuropathic pain via modulation of peripheral and central opioid and cannabinoid 2 receptors.

Lavender oil was more effective than ibuprofen in stress-related disorders.

Based on the pain severity after one week of the intervention, aromatherapy massage with lavender essential oil could relieve pain in patients  with knee osteoarthritis.

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bookmark_borderEfficacy and Safety of Oral Chinese Herbal Medicine for Migraine


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Chuan xiong was the most popular used herb for migraine among the included RCTs, this is consistent with the findings of previous studies. In addition, we found that chuan xiong and bai zhi and chuan xiong and dang gui were the two mostly used herb pairs for migraine management.

in particular the herb chuan xiong, the herb pairs chuan xiong, and bai zhi, chuan xiong, and dang gui, should be considered as migraine prophylactic management in clinical practice.

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